Specifically designed to meet
the rigorous demand of
yard truck applications

1. Rebuild in 15 minutes!
All locking components can be replaced from the top in under an hour without removing the fifth wheel from the truck. The patent-pending design cuts rebuild times from up to 3 hours to as little as 15 minutes!

2. Helps prevent high-hitching
The lock is activated when the bottom flange of a kingpin strikes a trigger located in the throat of the lock. If the kingpin is too high it misses the trigger and the lock will not engage. This important feature helps prevent dropped trailers due to false coupling and can mean big savings by helping to prevent damage to equipment and freight.

3. More capacity/Stronger than competitive products
– 80k lbs vertical load
– 200k lbs drawbar pull

4. Replaceable wear surfaces
The design features a structural casting with replacable parts to extend the product life cycle. All wear components that touch the kingpin or trailer plate can be replaced quickly and easily.

5. Easy access knockout rod
In the toughest yard truck applications, things happen. That's why we incorporated a convenient knockout rod so you can quickly and easily un-seize the wheel should the need ever arise.

6. Replacable wear plates
Indicators built into the wear plates show where the fasteners are located for ease of maintenance. Replacement takes only five minutes. This important feature cuts maintenance cost and further extends product life.

7. Bolt-on bracket cap
The bracket cap is thicker for greater durability and it is "bolt-on" rather than "welded" for ease of maintenance and lower repair cost. Top access to the mounting hardware makes replacement fast and easy.

8. Improved air cylinder
The new composite air cylinder resists corrosion and is very durable for extended product life. Top access to the mounting hardware makes replacement fast and easy.

9. Better component protection
The locking components are tucked in away from the edges to eliminate the potential kingpin damage to internal components from missed couples.

10. Easy parts replacement
All locking components can be replaced without removing the fifth wheel from the truck.

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